The Common Thread Podcast

The Common Thread Podcast features the work of dedicated and talented undergraduates who are committed to creating a quality show that works to inform, inspire, and break barriers of divisiveness at Boston University.

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Spring 2018 Team:

Executive Producers

Kobe Yank-Jacobs (CAS ’18)

Matthias Grenon (CAS ’17)

Chief Technical Director

Lucas Watson (ENG ’18)

The Common Thread is looking for talent!

Are you interested in the art of storytelling? The Common Thread Podcast Team is currently recruiting new members for the following positions:

Technical Assistant: learn how to record, mix, edit and upload a finished episode using a variety of recording equipment and software. Will also be required to contribute story ideas and hosting duties.

Producer: work with the Common Thread team to generate story ideas, research content, schedule interviews, host episodes and promote the brand. Will assist in technical responsibilities when Chief Technical Director and Technical Assistant are unavailable.

How to apply:

  1. Schedule an introductory meeting with Pedro Falci, Associate Director of the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground
  2. Record a 3 – 5 minute conversation (with yourself) telling us who you are, where you’re from and what appeals to you about podcasting. More importantly, tell us about a few subjects you find interesting and how one or two of these interests could blossom into an exciting, rich and compelling podcast episode. Be sure to engage us as listeners and have fun!

Please email your file to Pedro Falci at Include your area of study and graduating class in the email.

Your file will be shared with the Executive Producers and you’ll be invited for an interview.