When: Fall semester; Spring semester 

Where: The Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground 

What: The Common Thread podcast is a Hub Co-curricular Learning Experience, also known as CC160. Students who register for this class conceptualize, research, and create original podcast episodes during the semester. Episodes cover a wide range of topics and feature BU students, faculty, staff, and thought leaders from Boston and beyond. 

How to get involved: To learn more about Hub co-curriculars, please contact hubcc@bu.edu.

Check out past episodes!

Episode 1 – What is the BU Hub?

Boston University is changing the way it does general education with the BU Hub. Want to learn more about it? Tune in! (January 28, 2019)

Episode 2 – What are Hub cocurriculars?

BU students need 26 Hub units in order to graduate, and they can earn Hub units through cocurricular experiences and classes. But what is a cocurricular? Find out in this episode. (January 28, 2019)

Episode 3 – A Look at BU Admissions

The “College Admissions Scandal” broke in the winter of 2019, which inspired CC160 students Grace Ferguson and Alejandra Mclinn to think about privilege and access to higher education. What does it take to get into a college like BU? (May 7, 2019)

Episode 4 – A Look at BU Sports Fandom

College athletics is a source of school pride and spirit, but do fans attend both men’s and women’s sports equally? (May 7, 2019)

Episode 5 – Erica Walker of BU’s Community Noise Lab

Living in a city often means dealing with unpleasant noises. But there’s more to urban sound than what meets the ear. (October 15, 2019)

Episode 6 – Political Activism at BU: Gearing up for 2020

How are BU students gearing up for the 2020 Presidential Election? Steve Gelman and Isabella Georges investigate. (October 30, 2019).

Episode 7 – Is the Boston accent in peril?

The Boston accent is an iconic part of the city’s culture, but what does it mean if it disappears? In this episode, Camryn McMurtry (COM ’22) spoke to the Howard Thurman Center’s Katherine Kennedy, Director, and Karen Brown, Executive Secretary, two proud Bostonians. (October 30, 2019).

Episode 8 – A Look Into BU’s Core Curriculum

While some students have never heard of it, the Core Curriculum – known affectionately as just “The Core” – is a special community within CAS characterized by students’ love of learning. Find out more about “The Core” in this episode. (November 6, 2019).

Episode 9 – Young Americans for Freedom and Ben Shapiro’s Visit

Amid controversy and student protests, Ben Shapiro will be speaking at BU on November 13. How and why did this event come to be? To find out, Grace Ferguson (COM ’22) spoke with Diana Soriano (CAS ’21) and Nick Deane (ENG ’21) of BU Young Americans for Freedom, the student group that invited Shapiro. (November 7, 2019). 

Episode 10 – International Students Discuss COVID-19 Shutdown

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boston University’s campus has shut down. What does this mean for international students? (April 21, 2020).

Episode 11 – Coffee: Health and Culture

Coffee has become one of the most popular drinks in the world and in the process developed its own widespread subculture. John and Will dive in to find out why. (April 21, 2020).

Episode 12 – COM Culture: a Fair Depiction?

The College of Communication (COM) has a reputation of not requiring a lot of work from its students, but is that perception accurate? (April 22, 2020).

Episode 13 – Politics and Donald Trump’s Influence in the Age of Social Media

In this episode, Billy Bugara (COM ‘23) and Melissa Ellin (COM ‘23) seek to answer how politics has changed with the advent of social media and President Trump’s use of Twitter. (April 23, 2020).

Howard Thurman Center Expands Program and Space

The HTC opened a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in January 2020. Find out why in this episode. (April 30, 2020).

Episode 15 – Hip Hop After the Trap Era

Trap music has become one of the most popular subgenres of hip hop and one of the most pervasive production styles across all genres of music in the past decade, but what will come after? (November 19, 2020).

Episode 16 – Getting to Know Dean Elmore

Vishal Ramola (CAS ’21) and Michael Klein (CAS ’24) chat with Associate Provost and Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore to learn more about his hobbies and interests and what makes him one of the coolest human beings on Commonwealth Avenue (November 30, 2020).

Episode 17 – Sport Psychology in the NBA

In this episode, Horace Mo (CAS ’23) and Philip Penabella (CAS ’22) explore the field of sports psychology and how NBA superstars such as LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Michael Jordan manage their stress on and off the court. (December 1, 2020).

Episode 18 – Climate Change’s Impact on BU Students — Can We Do More to Help?

Ariane Vigna (COM ’22) and Ashley Montiel (COM ’22) examine at the impact of climate change, more specifically the 2020 California fires, on BU students. We learn about the causes of the fires and how the BU administration has been reacting to and planning for climate change as it begins to affect students’ lives. (December 1, 2020).

Episode 19 – The Economic Consequences of COVID-19

In this episode, Lifu Zhang (ENG ’22) and Luying Guo (COM ’22) explore how the recent global virus COVID-19 has affected the U.S. economy. (December 2, 2020).