Thurman’s Published Works

Minds like Dr. King’s do not develop in a vacuum; they grow and flourish with an abundance of knowledge, years of education, and extensive mentorship. As a mentor to Dr. King and others, Dr. Howard Thurman inspired the minds of many with his words and wisdom. With books like Jesus and the Disinherited (1949), Meditations of the Heart (1953), and The Inward Journey (1961), Dr. Thurman educated and continues to educate minds everywhere with his philosophies on creating community in a sometimes-divided world.

More works by Thurman include:

Jesus and the Disinherited (1949)

Deep River (1945) and The Negro Spiritual Speaks of Life and Death (1947)

Deep is the Hunger: Meditation for Apostles of Sensitiveness (1951)

Meditations of the Heart (1953)

The Creative Encounter: An Interpretation of Religion and the Social Witness (1954)

The Growing Edge (1956)

Footprints of a Dream (1959)

The Inward Journey (1961)

Temptations of Jesus (1962)

Disciplines of the Spirit (1963)

The Luminous Darkness: A Personal Interpretation of the Anatomy of Segregation and the Ground of Hope (1965)

The Centering Moment (1969)

The Search for Common Ground: An Inquiry into the Basis of Man’s Experience of Community (1971)

The Mood of Christmas (1973)

With Head and Hear: The Autobiography of Howard Thurman (1979)

Howard Thurman: The Howard Thurman: The Mystic as Prophet by Luther Smith (1981) by Luther Smith (1981)

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