Tech Times

Summer 2012

BUworks Post-Implementation Support

As we approach the end of the final scheduled phase of the BUworks implementation project, many members of the BU community are wondering, “What happens to the BUworks team?” and “What comes next?” Rest assured that the University has planned a functional and technical support team, also known as an SAP Competency Center, composed of experienced, core members of the BUworks implementation team. The SAP Competency Center will be tasked not only with maintaining the currency of BU’s SAP software, but also continuing to engage with the BUworks user community to extend and enhance current functionality.

On October 1, the BUworks team will become part of the IS&T organization, and will also have an indirect, dotted line reporting relationship to Marty Howard, Senior Vice-President and Treasurer. The Competency Center, in conjunction with other areas at IS&T, will ensure that the SAP software is kept up to date with annual support packs. In addition, the team will work together with central offices and end users across the University in service and support to help make the software easier to use, enhance business processes, and continue to resolve issues as they arise. Lastly, the team will work with BU Community leaders to research SAP modules that were deferred during implementation, as well as new functionality that supports the University’s strategic mission.

The IS&T governance structure is being examined to enhance the management process for vetting new BUworks projects as they are identified. New projects will be researched and brought forward through the governance process.

Although the BUworks implementation partner, CampusOne, is scheduled to complete their role in the implementation project by October 1, the BU SAP Competency Center will not be unsupported. An ad-hoc remote consulting support contract will be in place for consultation, as needed. Also, BU’s maintenance and support contract with SAP provides for access to a wide range of support resources on call to help. In addition, Boston University is an integral member of a cooperative alliance composed of approximately 20 SAP colleges and universities in North America.

For help with BUworks, please try our new online help, or contact the IT Help Center at 353-HELP or