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COVID-19 Prevention & Testing for Students

For help with using Student Patient Connect, please review these resources. Both the video tutorial and text guide below cover how to access and use Student Patient Connect to submit symptom surveys, and manage your COVID-19 testing.


Video Tutorial: How to Use Student Patient Connect



How to Use Student Patient Connect

This guide covers the major processes students will need to follow in Patient Connect, including:

Compliance with these processes is required by Boston University.


  1. To access Patient Connect, you can:
  2. Enter your BU credentials
  3. You will land on the homepage:
    PatientConnect homepage

Quarantine Status

There are five statuses that could appear, which are based on your category, daily Symptom Screening survey and your test results. They are:

Cleared: you have no symptoms and are cleared to go to campus – indicated with green badge
Overdue : you have not filled out your daily survey – indicated with yellow badge
Isolation : you have tested positive for COVID-19; a provider will contact you – indicated with red badge after you have been contacted
Quarantine : you have reported possible COVID-19 symptoms, or you have been in close proximity to a person who has tested positive; a provider will contact you – indicated with orange badge
NA: you are a category 4 off campus student, so there are no testing or screening requirements – indicated with a blue badge

Your status will display at the top of your homepage. To view your most recent badge, click on Show Badge:

An example of an Overdue Badge. The background color will be the one associated to someone's status.

This is an example of an Overdue Badge. The background color will be the one associated to your status.

Symptom Screening Survey

Please complete your Symptom Screening survey every day. Your status and badge will reflect an Overdue status if the survey is not completed.

  1. To fill out your survey, select Complete Survey on the homepage:
    Complete Survey button in PatientConnect
  2. To move through the survey, click Continue . The questionnaire you receive may vary depending on your quarantine status:
    Click Continue to advance through survey
  3. To respond to a question, simply click on the box with your answer. Look for the small check mark to confirm that you have responded:

    Image of symptom survey in PatientConnect

    If you report symptoms, your status will automatically change to Quarantine. This information does get sent to Student Health Services, who will contact you for next steps.

  4. When finished, click Continue to submit


When it’s time to schedule a test, you will receive an email and a text (if set up) reminding you.

  1. On the homepage, expand the menu in the top left corner and select Appointments,
    then click the Schedule an appointment button

    • If you have any existing appointments, they will display on this page. Please only schedule one appointment slot at a time:
      Schedule an appointment screen in PatientConnect
  2. Choose the bolded COVID-19 appointment reason and click Continue:
    PatientConnect screens where one selects Covid-19 Testing
  3. Please read the Commitments and Expectations Agreement. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select I agree and Continue to move on:
    COVID-19 Commitments and Expectations Agreement Screen
  4. Please read the remaining authorization for testing. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Continue and proceed to schedule testing, then click Continue:
    Authorization screen agreeing to COVID-19 testing
  5. You then will be asked if you have any symptoms; please respond accordingly:
    Screen asking if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19

    The next steps will be determined by your response to this question.

    If you DO NOT have symptoms, you will be asked if you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 90 days, and to confirm your contact information. Then:

    1. Set the search start date ; your search will include appointment times within 3 days of this start date
    2. Choose your preferred Location from the drop down menu
    3. Click Search for AppointmentsSteps to take to schedule an appointment if you do not have COVID-19 symptoms
  6. Once you’ve selected your date and time, click Continue.
  7. Please review your selected date and time. To confirm this appointment, select Schedule. To select a different time, select Retry:
    Confirm appointment date and time screen
  8. You will receive a confirmation page with the appointment details and the barcode
    you’ll need to display at your appointment:
    Appointment Confirmation page with barcode
  9. On the Appointments page, you will see the confirmed appointment. You can also retrieve the barcode here by clicking Show Barcode :
    The appointments screen, where you can view the confirmed appointment and retrieve the barcode
    If you report that you DO have symptoms, you will be required to answer a screening questionnaire that will be sent to a provider. They will contact you to schedule a COVID-19 test at the proper location.

    1. Answer each question, scrolling all the way to the end of the page:
    2. When you have finished, click Send:
      Answer a screening questionnaire if you have indicated you are experiencing symptoms
    3. You will receive a confirmation page that the message was sent. You will then be contacted, but you can also review your messages in the Messages tab in the left side menu on the homepage:
      Messages tab in the PatientConnect portal

Viewing Results

Once your testing results are available, you will receive an email informing you. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or the test is inconclusive, a provider will contact you.

  1. On the homepage, expand the menu in the top left corner and select Medical Record History
    • Click on the Labs tab:
      Medical Record History menu option on the Patient Connect homepage
  2. Review your test results:
    A sample test result page
    A positive result will display in red:
    A positive result displays in red text
  3. To request the printable Lab Result Report with more detail, you can access this by visiting the Messages menu, and then choosing New Message:
    New message screen in Patient Connect
  4. Select the COVID-19 message option, then the Request for COVID-19 Lab Result Report
    reason, and continue:
    COVID-19 Request for Lab Result Report
  5. Enter the Date of Testing , Date of Result , and Result type, then Send:

    Request for COVID-19 Lab Result Report screen

    Once the printable report is ready, a confirmation email will be received. Please allow for 24 hours for the request to be processed.

  6. To access and print the report, select the Letters menu:
    Letters navigation item in the Patient Connect portal
  7. Select View to access the printable Lab Result Report. Any unread letters will display the NEW icon.
    Available letters in the Patient Connect portal
  8. The printable Lab Result Report will include the date of the test, date of the result, test result, type of test, your name, and DOB:
    Sample printable lab result report

Uploading Vaccine Documentation

If you have received your COVID-19 vaccine outside of BU’s vaccination clinic, you can upload your vaccination documentation via Patient Connect.

Before you begin, you’ll want to take a photo or scan in your vaccination documentation, typically this is the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. Please ensure that the administered dates are clearly visible. BU is requiring the COVID vaccine for all students for the Fall 2021 semester. Please upload your information as soon as you receive your first dose of Moderna or Pfizer or if you receive a single-dose vaccine. You will then be required to upload your completed vaccine card when you receive it. One dose of a two-dose series will grant you temporary compliance until you receive your second dose.

Individually identifiable health information you share with us will be confidential, and will not be shared.

NOTE: If you are unable to obtain a vaccine before arriving on campus, choose I request an extension to be able to receive my COVID vaccine once I arrive in Boston from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) message options.

  1. Click the Medical Clearances menu option:
    Screenshot PatientConnect navigation with Medical Clearances link highlighted
  2. Click Update in the COVID clearance row:
    Screenshot of the Medical Clearances screen with an arrow pointing to the upload button for COVID documentation
  3. Upload an image of your COVID-19 vaccine documentation, ensuring that the administered dates are clearly visible. Enter each appointment date, indicate the vaccine manufacturer, and click Done:
    Screenshot of the COVID-19 documentation upload screen

Submit Vaccination Exemption

If you need to request exemption from the requirement to received COVID-19 vaccination based on medical or religious grounds you can do so in Patient Connect.

  1. Click the Messages menu option, then click New Message:
    New message screen in Patient Connect
  2. Select the COVID-19 message option, then the COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption reason, and continue:
    COVID-19 Send Secure message regarding vaccine exemption
  3. Select the reason you are requesting vaccination exemption, then check the acknowledgement box, and click Send.
    Request for COVID-19 vaccination exemption screen


For help, please email