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COVID-19 Prevention & Testing for Faculty & Staff

For help with using Occupational Health Employee Connect, please review these resources. Both the video tutorial and text guide below cover how to access and use Occupational Health Employee Connect Portal to submit symptom surveys, and manage your COVID-19 testing.


Video Tutorial: How to Use the Occupational Health Connect Employee Portal



How to Use the Occupational Health Connect Employee Portal

This guide covers how faculty and staff will use the Occupational Health Connect Portal to securely access health tools for the following tasks:

Compliance with these processes is required by Boston University.


Faculty and staff can access the Occupational Health Connect Employee Portal, by:

  1. Visiting the Healthway website:
    • Find the Employee Section and click Go Now
  2. Or going directly to the portal:

Please log in using your BU credentials and authenticate with DUO.

On the homepage, the Bell icon and Home icon are useful navigation tools for using the portal. The bell, when it is red and displays a number, indicates that there are new messages to read.

Occupational Health Connect menu indicating new messages to be read with a red bell

When the bell is greyed out, there are no new messages:

Bell is grayed out, no new messages

COVID 19 – Symptom Monitoring Survey

Faculty and staff who will be coming to campus are required to complete the COVID 19 – Symptom Monitoring Survey. Faculty and staff who are assigned categories 1-3 will receive an email from every morning with a link to the Employee Portal where you will fill out the survey prior to coming to campus. Please do not reply to these emails. The survey can also be accessed from the portal homepage:

Red box indicating COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring survey in the navigation menu

The Survey will open, and the Employee is asked to complete the questionnaire. Click Submit when you’ve completed your survey:

Example of symptom survey


Compliance Status

When you submit the survey, the next screen will display a message that you are either cleared to come campus or not cleared to come to campus based on your responses.

Below is an example of the Not Cleared confirmation for coming to campus. Please:

  • Notify your supervisor
  • Contact your primary care physician
  • A medical professional from Healthway will be calling you to discuss your symptoms

An example of the not cleared for work confirmation message

Faculty and staff will also receive a badge notification in their BU email. Please do not reply to these emails.

An example of a not cleared email badge

Below is an example of a Cleared confirmation for coming to campus:

An example of a cleared for work confirmation screen

Faculty and staff will also receive a badge notification in their BU email. Please save this email in case you are required to present it before entering certain buildings on campus. This message is based on your survey responses, but you must continue to comply with the university testing protocols. Please do not reply to these emails.

An example of a cleared for work email badge

Scheduling Test Kit Drop Off

Beginning August 2, there will no longer be observed testing at Testing Collection Sites for CRC and Fenway faculty and staff. (Limited appointments will be available at the 808 Gallery on weekends, only to accommodate staff working a weekend schedule.) Faculty and staff will self-test at home or in a private area in your office (such as a private office or single-person bathroom) and drop the test off at one of four staffed Collection Kiosks for collection.

Please review this video for a step-by-step process of how to drop off your testing kit.

Faculty and staff coming to campus are required to schedule COVID-19 testing depending on their assigned testing category level. Categories can be found here:

To schedule an appointment, select My Appointments from the homepage:

Red box indicating My Appointments in the navigation menu

Any existing appointments will appear on this page. To schedule one, click schedule a new appointment:

An appointments screen listing no current appointments, and a highlighted button to "schedule a new appointment"

Please select the following from each drop down menu:

  1. For the visit reason, choose the COVID-19 Testing option
  2. Pick your preferred drop off location
  3. Provider auto-populates
  4. Pick an available date and time. All appointments are 15 minutes and it’s important to show up at the time slot you signed up for:
    Scheduling COVID-19 test kit drop off screen
  5. Click Submit

A summary of your appointment will display. To reschedule, press cancel and then schedule a new appointment:

Test kit drop off confirmation screen

Please be considerate about only scheduling appointments for the times that you will be available for attending the COVID-19 testing.

Viewing Test Results

Faculty and staff will receive a notification when a new document has arrived for them to review. The following documents will display in the message center:

  • SARS-COV-2 Lab Results
  • Restrictions summary
  • Work status report

When a new lab result has been posted, you can click directly on the bell icon, or to the Message Center on the homepage:

Red box indicating Message Center in the navigation menu

Click on the SARS-COV-2 report to review the results:

One unread message in the message center reading SARS-COV-2. Click this to read entire message.

If you tested positive, you will receive a call from Healthway. You will be contacted prior to the positive result being available in your portal. You will only receive a call if there’s a positive test result.

Your test result will display:

Sample test result indicating a negative result.

If you receive an inconclusive test result, a medical professional will contact you with next steps.

Uploading Vaccine Documentation

If you have received your COVID-19 vaccine outside of BU’s vaccination clinic, you can upload your vaccination documentation via the Occupational Health Connect Portal.

Before you begin, you’ll want to take a photo or scan in your vaccination documentation, typically this is the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. Please ensure that the administered dates are clearly visible, and that if you received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, both doses are documented.
  1. Log in to the Occupational Health Connect Portal using your BU username and Kerberos password.
  2. Select the Upload COVID & Vaccine Docs option from the left sidebar menu (as shown below).
    Occupational Health Connect Portal homepage with link for Upload COVID and Vaccine Docs highlighted
  3. On the upload documentation screen:
    • Select COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation from the available dropdown selections:
      Upload COVID 19 Documentation, with Vaccine option selected
    • Choose your file,  (PNG, PDF, or JPG files only).
  4. To complete your document upload, select the green SUBMIT button.

After you select SUBMIT:

  • You will see a brief Thank You message. You will then be brought back to the Home screen.
  • You will receive an email from within 5 minutes of submission to confirm your upload is complete.
  • An additional email will arrive when your document has been reviewed and accepted by clinical staff.
  • If you need to upload multiple documents, complete one submission process for each document.