Transitioning Back to Campus
RCS staff are now working in the office and remotely. For help or to make an appointment, please send email to

Now that the BU community needs to work off-campus, this page contains some guidelines to help you have as productive and seamless an experience as possible. The good news is that you are already using the Shared Computing Cluster (SCC) remotely (see the minor VPN caveat below) and RCS staff will continue to answer your tickets as usual.

Please see the general BU and IS&T guidelines and instructions

VPN versus working “On-campus”

For using the SCC, being “on-campus” or using the VPN is only required if you wish to directly connect to via ssh. As of Sunday, March 22, it is no longer needed in order to connect to

Meeting with RCS staff

RCS staff are available to meet with individuals or groups via Zoom and Teams during business hours. Send email to to set up an appointment.

RCS Tutorial Series

We generally offer an RCS Tutorial Series in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Some tutorials are taught in person and others over Zoom. Recordings and slides from past sessions are generally available to the BU community.

RCS staff presenting in-classroom

RCS staff will give their presentations using the technology being used by the course.


Connecting to the SCC

RCS and SCC documentation

Getting Help – Send email to