These courses are self-paced and offered entirely over the web. You can access each tutorial simply by selecting the appropriate link.

RCS Developed Tutorials

These tutorials were written many years (generally 10+) ago and have not been updated at all recently, but may still provide you with useful information.

National Computational Science Alliance (Alliance) Tutorials

The following courses were generally developed by the Alliance PACS training team. These courses are self-paced and web-based. The subject matter is generally covered in substantial detail, along with quizzes and answers. They are meant for general scientific audiences, i.e., they are not targeted specifically at the Boston University community. Platform-specific issues are relegated to various Alliance sites, including Boston University.

The full list of NCSA tutorials is here. Below are listed only the tutorials we expect to be of greatest interest to our users and those to which our staff contributed.

Other Research Computing Tutorials

For additional tutorials (not written here at Boston University) on individual software packages we support, please consult the appropriate software pages as we will generally link to the best tutorials and other help resources we have found for each package.

  • OpenMP – written by Blaise Barney, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

IS&T Tutorials

Additional IS&T tutorials are available as well, on subjects such as Microsoft Word, WordPress, Unix skills, etc…