The Student Ambassador program was introduced in 2021.  Student Ambassadors are graduate students from different academic departments who provide support and training for SCC users in their departments.  The SA’s hold regular office hours, maintain documentation on using the SCC that’s targeted at the needs of their department, and annually provide a tutorial on SCC usage.

SA’s can be contacted by students, postdocs, and faculty in their departments either by dropping in during their office hours or by email.

Participating Departments

Department Student Ambassador Email Office Hours and Location
Bioinformatics Michael Silverstein TBD
Economics Liqun Zhuge 3pm – 5pm Wednesdays


Biostatistics Hanfei Xu 3pm-4pm Tuesdays

Room CT336


  • Photo of Michael Silverstein Michael Silverstein – Michael is a PhD student in the Bioinformatics program and he is interested in the role that soil microbial interactions play in regulating climate change. His favorite programming language is Python and he is always (maybe a little too) excited to talk about his contributions to the Python package, pandas. He got his start in studying microbial communities while working at Finch Therapeutics where he helped to design a microbial consortia for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis using gut microbiome derived strains. While his hands and mind aren’t in the dirt he enjoys rock climbing, cooking, reading, biking, playing music, gardening, and camping (so, some dirt still included…). He is co-advised by Daniel Segrè and Jennifer Bhatnagar.
  • Photo of Liqun Zhuge Liqun Zhuge – Liqun is currently a fourth-year PhD student in the Economics Department. He is an applied microeconomist with interests in labor and development economics. He has full experience in structural estimation in economics with clusters and is knowledgeable about programming languages such as R, Stata, SAS, Matlab, etc.
  • Photo of Hanfei Xu Hanfei Xu – Hanfei is currently a 4th year PhD student in the Biostatistics Department. My research interest include statistical genetics, causal inference and meta-analysis. In her free time, Hanfei likse to watch movies and explore the city.