The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) ecosystem encompasses a broad portfolio of resources operated by members of the XSEDE Service Provider Forum. These resources include multi-core and many-core high-performance computing (HPC) systems, distributed high-throughput computing (HTC) environments, visualization and data analysis systems, large-memory systems, data storage, and cloud systems. Some resources provide unique services for Science Gateways. Some of these resources are made available to the user community through a central XSEDE-managed allocations process, while many other resources operated by Forum members are linked to other parts of the ecosystem.

XSEDE Campus Champion Program

BU Research Computing Services (RCS) participates in the XSEDE Campus Champions Program and Boston University researchers are eligible to request XSEDE allocations on more than a dozen computational and storage resources. Our Campus Champions are available to assist with resource testing, allocation applications, and use of XSEDE Resources.

XSEDE Resources

Resources in the XSEDE ecosystem evolve as service providers receive grants and create new systems. XSEDE provides an up to date list of XSEDE resources and the XSEDE Portal Resource Selector to identify the most appropriate resource for your research.

XSEDE Allocations

  • BU Campus Champion Allocation
    Complete the XSEDE Campus Champion Access Request to be added to BU’s Campus Champion XSEDE project. This method avoids the XSEDE application process and provides rapid access to small allocations to evaluate systems, conduct benchmark runs, or carry out small-scale research projects on XSEDE.
  • Startup Allocation
    Apply for an XSEDE Startup Allocation on XSEDE resources to create your own project with small allocations for system evaluation, benchmarking, and small-scale research.
  • Research Allocation
    Apply for an XSEDE Research Allocation for projects that have progressed beyond the Startup phase, either in purpose or scale of computational activities. A formal application is required and application allocations are granted quarterly. It is strongly encouraged that researchers begin with either Campus Champion allocation or a Startup Allocation before applying for a research allocation.

Next Steps and Getting Help