BU Sourcing & Procurement offers web-based catalogs for buying computers, software, and peripherals.  This service gives departments a wide range of products and excellent pricing. To begin the purchasing process for your department visit Sourcing and Procurement.

This page covers how to purchase Adobe and Microsoft licenses for your department. All other purchases for departmental use should be submitted through Sourcing and Procurement.

BU IS&T negotiates University-wide software licensing from Microsoft and Adobe, offering departments a substantial savings. The IT Help Center handles fulfillment of Adobe Campus Licensing Program and Microsoft Licensing, as described below.

Microsoft and Adobe licenses must be purchased with an Internal Service Request. No P-Cards or personal funds may be used. To learn how to make a purchase with an ISR, please consult with your department’s BUworks Power User.

How to order

Use the links below to obtain pricing and part numbers, then create your ISR. For the Provider please use IS&T – IT HELP CENTER. Unless otherwise requested, your order will be delivered via interdepartmental mail, so please include complete delivery information.

Adobe (Kerberos Password Required)

Microsoft (Kerberos Password Required)

Access to these price lists is restricted to BU faculty and staff. If a student employee requires access please contact Client Services & Support.

Client Services & Support Contact Information

IT Help Center Licensing Desk
Email: ithelp@bu.edu
Voice: 617-353-HELP (4357)

Personal Purchases

All information and pricing on this page is for University purchases only. For personal purchases of Microsoft software at exclusive BU pricing, please visit our personal purchases page.

Terms and Conditions

A license must be obtained for each computer Departmental License software is installed on. Departments are responsible for keeping records of their purchases and installations of Departmental License software. Possession of a Departmental License media disc does not constitute permission to install the software without the purchase of a corresponding license.

Departments are responsible for insuring that their Departmental License media disc is kept secure, and is not misused or copied.

The manufacturers do not allow returns on software licenses or media discs.