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Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, Alumni

Cost: No charge

OpenBU is BU’s digital institutional repository for documents and research publications from members of BU academic communities, which includes faculty, students, departments, research centers, and administration. OpenBU is run by BU Libraries’ Digital Ventures team. Among other types of publications, BU’s theses and dissertations, as well as articles that fall under BU’s opt-out open access policy, are archived and preserved in OpenBU.

OpenBU is an open access repository, which means that the full text of the work deposited there is freely accessible to the world via the web. Access is restricted only in unavoidable instances, for example where publisher copyright restrictions prevail. For more information about OpenBU, please see the OpenBU FAQ.


As a researcher, you can upload your documents and publications to OpenBU for archival and preservation. Unless restricted access is required by third-party copyright or other considerations, your research is made available to anyone online.

Key Features

  • OpenBU aims to list all BU faculty publications, with open access to the full text of most.
  • Browse 100+ communities and collections.
  • Share documents, publications, and other media in a controlled environment.
  • Help preserve Boston University’s intellectual and creative output for posterity.

What to Expect

This service, hosted in the cloud, normally will be available 24 by 7.


Anyone can browse the repository; you must apply for authorization if you wish to submit content or access certain restricted materials.

Getting Started

To learn more, go to OpenBU. You can also access the full set of help documents.