EOS Access is a convenient, web-based version of the mainframe report manager EOS/ERD.  EOS Access, replaces the Java-based EOS Thin Client, allowing users access from any web browsers as well as providing new features such as sorting your report index, and exporting reports to both text files and spreadsheets.

The EOS Access user interface is similar to EOS Thin Client, and anticipate regular users of EOS Thin Client will acclimatize to the new system quickly.

Connecting to EOS Access

Connecting to EOS Access involves three easy steps:

  1. Request a EOSU permit from your department’s Data Security Administrator.
  2. Connect to BU’s Two-Factor VPN.
    • You must be connected to BU’s Two-Factor VPN to utilize the EOS Access Login
  3. Click on the EOS Access Login in the browser of your choice to bring up the log in screen
  4. Enter your mainframe ID and mainframe password.

EOS Access Tutorials

View the following video tutorials to learn more about EOS Access