To add or delete sub-mailboxes submit a requisition to IS&T Communication Services.  For more information please call 617-353-2097 or email us with your name and telephone number.

After a request has been made to add sub-mailboxes, please take the following steps to set it up:

  1. From your own telephone, dial 3-9999.
  2. Hear, “welcome to Boston University’s voice messaging service.”
    • For extension 1, press 1
    • For extension 2, press 2
    • For the main mailbox, press # (pound)
  3. Enter temporary pass code (1234 for the main mailbox, 1111 for extension 1, 2222 for extension 2…).  Wait for the prompt that begins “Since this is the first time you’ve used the Boston University Voice Messaging Service”
  4. To record a Name Announcement press 1.  Record your name followed by the # key.  To accept press 1.
  5. Press 1 to record your personal greeting followed by the # key.  To accept press 1.  Your personal greeting is the greeting callers will hear after they select which sub-mailbox they would like to reach.
  6. Change your pass code. Use any 4- to 10-digit number that you will remember.  To save press 1.

If you are not at your own phone:

  1. Dial 3-9999 (on the Charles River Campus system) or 617-353-9999 (from off campus).
  2. Press * (star) when prompted.
  3. Enter your 7-digit account (phone) number.
  4. Enter your pass code,and follow the rest of the steps above.