From your own phone

  • From your own phone, dial 3-9999.
  • Enter your pass code.
  • From the Main Menu, press 1 to listen to your messages, then:
    • Press 1 to Replay the current message.
    • Press 2 to Save the current message and play the next message in your mailbox.
    • Press 3 to Delete the current message and play the next message in your mailbox.
    • Press 4 to Reply to the person who sent you a message, if it was sent by another BU voice mail user.
    • Press 5 to Forward a copy of the current message to another mailbox. The prompt will ask you to record an introduction to be sent along with the copied message. After you send the copy, you can erase the original message or save it in your mailbox.
    • Press 6 for Message Information: Allows you to move to the previous message, get the time the message was sent and name of the sender (if available).
    • Press 7 to Rewind by 5 seconds.
    • Press 8 to Pause. You can press any key to resume.
    • Press 9 to skip Forward by 5 seconds.
    • Press * (star) to Cancel the review process and return to the main menu.
    • Press 0 for Help: Provides more information about the options available to you while listening to your message.
    • Press # to Skip ahead to the next message.
  • If you erase a message by mistake…Don’t hang up!
    You can recover messages that you erased by mistake, because messages are not actually erased until you exit or hang up. To recover a message, press * to return to the main menu. Then listen to your messages again. When you find the message you accidentally erased, press 2 to Save it.

From any other phone

  • From any phone (not your own) dial 3-9999 (on the Charles River Campus system) or 617-353-9999 (from off campus).
  • Press * (star) when prompted.
  • Enter your 7-digit mailbox (phone) number.
  • Enter your pass code, and follow the appropriate steps above.