Host On-Demand (HOD) is an IBM product that provides secure (encrypted) mainframe 3270 terminal emulation service over the Internet. It does this by downloading small Java-based “applets” (small programs) to your computer. These small programs combine to provide the 3270 terminal service.

HOD also provides a secure FTP service, for file transfers to/from the UIS mainframe. It also provides a user-customizable FTP service for file transfers to/from other FTP hosts (other than UIS).

HOD works on both Windows and Mac OS X computers. The menu at the right side of these windows will take you to appropriate instructions for each platform. Some of the instructions are the same on both platforms. If you are using a Mac computer, you will be re-directed to the Windows instructions for some functions when appropriate.

The current version of HOD, as of January 18th 2015, is 11.0.9.

Why should you use HOD?

HOD has a number of features that are beneficial to both users and support staff alike. First and foremost, HOD is a secured, encrypted transmission between your PC and the UIS mainframe. This means that there is no security vulnerability/exposure in the data that flows between your PC and the mainframe.

Second, since HOD is a web-based application, you can use it anywhere. You are no longer limited to using the UIS mainframe from just your PC. With HOD, you can access UIS from any computer that has Internet access, once you have completed the applet installation. (Please see the list of supported browsers and operating systems.)

Further, HOD installs automatically the first time you access it. A few clicks of the mouse, and HOD downloads, installs, and is ready to use. There is no software to purchase, install, or upgrade. With HOD, this is all done behind the scenes, automatically.

Lastly, HOD is fully supported by IS&T. If you have a problem with HOD, we will provide support.