With a Meet-Me Conference Call, participants call the University’s conference line. There is no charge to the University person or department that facilitates the conference; participants are responsible for their own local or long distance charges if applicable.

Procedure for arranging a Meet-Me Conference Call:

  1. Contact the University Switchboard at 617-353-2000 to reserve a time, date, and conference number. You can arrange a Meet-Me conference for as many as 25 people.
  2. Notify the conference participants of the details – date, time, and conference number (617 35X-XXXX). Since the participants call the University’s conference line from their individual locations, there is no charge to you as the University facilitator.
  3. Initiate the conference at the appointed time from the Charles River Campus by dialing the 5 digit extension of the conference number.  If you are initiating the call from the Medical Campus, you will need to dial in through the University’s tie line.  To do so dial 126-X-XXXX (the last 5 digits of the conference bridge number).  The conference must begin with an initial call from a University extension.  If none of the callers will be on campus, inform the University Switchboard and they will arrange to set up the call for you. The first caller will hear ringing until the second caller dials into the conference circuit.
  4. As the second caller dials in, the conference circuit opens.
  5. As subsequent participants call in, a ring tone alerts the conferees of the new arrivals.
  6. For a secure conference circuit, the organizer should lock the conference call once all participants have joined.
    • To lock a conference, press the transfer key (or flash, link, or switch hook), and dial the 3-digit lock code (128).
    • To unlock a conference in order to admit another caller, press the transfer key (or flash, link, or switch hook) and dial the 3-digit unlock code (129).
  7. The conference circuit requires the inclusion of at least one University line as a participant. If all University conferees hang up, the conference will disconnect.
  8. If you need more information or assistance, call the University Switchboard at 617-353-2000.