Quick Start

Available to: Students, Faculty, Staff, Departments, Alumni, New/Incoming Students

Cost: No charge

The Registration service offers functionality that allows students and administrators to manage class registration, all aspects of the academic record, advising, scheduling of classes, and reporting of all related information.


By providing all clients appropriate and convenient access to real-time academic record, course, and class data, this service provides relevant and accurate information to students, faculty, advisors, and administrators. It provides the basis for timely response to changes in student circumstances and ensures compliance with all University, government, and professional affiliation regulations.

Key Features

  • Provides self-service for students, faculty, and third parties such as parents and employers
  • Integrates with internal BU services, including Admissions, Account Provisioning, Global Services, Financial Aid, and Cashier
  • Provides students information and links to third-party and departmental systems (clearing houses, bookstore, and schools’ and colleges’ local systems)
  • Enables mass and targeted communication via email, customizable reporting and self-service extraction of information, and access to current and historical data
  • The system features the following functions:
    • Class Registration
      • Web-based class registration (WebReg)
      • Terminal-based admin access
    • Student Records:
      • Status certifications of full-time and part-time, for immigration purposes and other eligibility requirements
      • Enrollment verification
      • Transcripts
      • Degree verification and Degree Advice (DA)
      • Personal information
      • Grades
    • Compliance
      • Safe, settled, healthy
      • BU Alert phone number
      • FERPA
    • Scheduling
      • Class scheduling
      • Room scheduling

What to Expect

This service normally will be available 24 by 7 except for standard change windows, as described in IS&T’s standard policies, procedures, and schedules for making changes.


  • To access the Registration system, one needs:
  • A BU login account is required to access functionality on Student Link (students), Faculty Link, and Faculty/Staff Link (departments and staff).
  • Staff members require a mainframe account and SecurID to access functionality on the mainframe.

Getting Started

  • Students: In the Student Link, select Academics
  • Faculty: In the Faculty Link, select Class Lists
  • Administrators and Advisors: In the Faculty/Staff Link, select a student
  • Administrators: Use GALAXY
  • Certain distributed administrative functions may require additional training from the central administration or department. Individuals should check with their unit’s Data Security Administrator (DSA) for training availability.
  • Staff requiring access to the Student Accounts & Collections service components on the mainframe, as well as functionality on Faculty/Staff Link, should contact their unit’s Data Security Administrator (DSA) to request permissions for access to functions and data.
    • Based on the functionality requested, the Office of the Registrar will contact those who require training to use the service provided.