Cultivating Counterstories in the WR Classroom: Concepts from Critical Race Theory

Thursdays, February 9 to March 2, 3:00-4:00, on Zoom

This faculty seminar introduces participants to key tenets and concepts from critical race theory and decolonizing pedagogy, through selected readings, group dialogue, as well as assignment review and revision. The first session addresses forms of master narrative and counter narrative and cultivating space in the writing classroom. In the second session, we will explore counterstory as a critical teaching practice that addresses the legacy of colonialism and the importance of naming, remembering, and reclaiming. We will examine a photo-essay assignment that allows students to interrogate cultural memory and validate personal histories. The third session will focus on different kinds of praxis. The final session will examine types of counterstory and classroom community building and provide the opportunity to workshop an assignment from any WR syllabus.