WR 153

Syllabus Checklist

This checklist includes important reminders, deadlines, links, and tips for preparing your WR syllabus. Please review this checklist before submitting your draft syllabus to ensure that your syllabus aligns with the latest Writing Program requirements. Note that this checklist is for your use only and should NOT be submitted along with your syllabus. Consult the […]

Faculty Guide to Teaching WR 120 and WR 15x

The following guide is aimed at instructors new to the CAS Writing Program and walks them through the process of preparing their courses for the first time. Note that while some sections of WR 120 are reserved for English language learners (ELLs), all WR 120s use the same learning outcomes and course requirements. Similarly, while […]

Building Your Syllabus (Syllabi Templates)

The Writing Program offers the following set of resources to help you build your own syllabus, rather than a single syllabus template for each level. We have broken the syllabus down into three parts, so that it is clearer which parts of our syllabi are common to all courses in the Writing Program and which […]

WR 153 Additional Ideas and Supplemental Resources

In WR 153, students will develop a sustained project or series of projects guided by the process of design thinking (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, assess/reflect). The signature of WR 153 is a focus on creativity and design throughout the semester and a project exploring creativity and informed by the student’s research. The following guide is […]

Cumulative Portfolios in the Writing Program

As of Fall 2023, all WR students will create a portfolio in their first WR course and continue to add to it throughout subsequent WR courses. This cumulative portfolio assignment will create a shared experience for WR students, offering them a space to reflect on their growth and their developing identities as college writers and […]