Remote Teaching

Tech Tips for Offering Feedback to Students

The videos and resources below offer suggestions and tools for providing feedback to your students on their writing. The resources offer suggestions on providing written feedback on student papers on a variety of platforms, as well as providing feedback via screencasting and video. These tips may be useful in remote environments as well as in […]

Sharing Video Presentations

In typical in-person classes or in remote settings, instructors may ask students to present in a synchronous or asynchronous modality, while recording their presentations. Instructors may ask students to share their video presentation files with the class. Below are some tips for helping students share their video presentations. In a remote environment, students may be […]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Remote Teaching Environments

Maintaining an equitable and inclusive virtual learning environment remains critical in a remote environment. This page offers resources on diversity, equity and inclusion as they related to remote and hybrid teaching. Equity and Access in Remote Teaching There are special considerations for providing an equitable and accessible learning environment when it comes to remote teaching. […]

Picture Prompts for Online Classes

Instructors may want to use visual prompts to foster discussion, help unify remote and on-campus students, and create a classroom community. Picture prompts can be varied to connect with the course theme. Activity Review the New York Times Learning Network’s “Picture Prompts” series, “144 Picture Prompts to Inspire Student Writing.” On the landing page, there’s […]

Creating Video Presentations

Presentations in a remote class may happen synchronously or asynchronously via pre-recorded student videos. Alternatively, students in in-person classes may be assigned video presentations as well. When assigning students presentations, it is important to ensure that the expectations are clear for the students in terms of follow-up discussions, participation, grading, etc. Read more about sharing […]

Video and Audio Post-Production with Adobe Products

Boston University provides a university license for Adobe Creative Cloud free of charge for all Undergraduate students and faculty. You may request (or renew) your free Adobe Creative Cloud license through BU’s IS&T website.  The Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC) is a suite of software and web-based applications used in professional settings, and especially in higher […]

Video Production Using Other Tools

There are a variety of tools for producing videos. Apart from the BU-supported Kaltura/MyMedia and Adobe Creative Cloud software, there are platforms that are not BU-supported, but provide limited free options. Below are some of the possibilities that especially have user-friendly platforms, and encourage active learning in class.    

Other Remote Teaching Resources

Many departments at BU are offering resources for online and hybrid teaching. Particularly, BU’s Digital Learning and Innovation (DL&I), Educational Technology (EDTech), Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and IS&T offer resources and trainings on Remote Teaching practices and tools. Helpful BU training sessions: For training on Remote Teaching, visit DL&I’s and EdTech’s Remote Teaching […]

Remote Learning Expectations & Etiquette

Overview In our class this semester, we will be using various technologies, including the Zoom video-conferencing platform. Zoom is designed to enhance our educational experience and to help us meet our course goals. However, as with any other tool, technologies like Zoom can also be misused and become a distraction or even an obstacle to […]

Video Production on Kaltura/MyMedia

Boston University recommends and supports Kaltura Capture and Mymedia for creating and sharing videos on Blackboard.  Kaltura Capture is a web-based platform for recording videos and/or videos with inserted quiz questions. Mymedia is the storage space for all videos created through Kaltura capture. Mymedia also allows you to upload video files, and share them on […]