Michael C. Caramanis

Professor (ME, SE)

  • Title Professor (ME, SE)
  • Office 15 St. Mary’s St. Room 137
  • Phone 617-353-3247
  • Education PhD, Harvard University, 1976

Research interests:

  • Production Planning and Control of Manufacturing Systems Operating Under Uncertainty
  • Dynamic Scheduling of Production Systems
  • Enterprise Integration of Production System Planning and Control
  • Stochastic Control and Mathematical Programming
  • Power System planning and Probabilistic Production Costing
  • Real Time Pricing of Electricity
  • Marginal Costing of Power Transmission Services
  • Advanced Sustainable Building Design

Courses Taught:

ENG MN/SC 710 Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control
MN 765 Production Systems Design
ENG MN510 Production Systems Analysis
ENG MN308 Statistics and Quality Engineering
ENG EK 500 Probability and Statistics
ENG MN/SE/ECE543 Sustainable Power Systems: Planning, Operations and Markets

Abbreviated CV:

Michael C. Caramanis (BS in Ch.E. Stanford U. ,1971, MS and PhD in Engineering Harvard U. ,1976) is Boston University Professor of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, teaches in the areas of Stochastic Control, supply chains and Power Markets, and conducts research in smart grid enabled demand response, distributed renewable and other resource integration, and the extension of whole sale power markets to include distribution/retail participants. He is widely published in the areas of supply chain control and in Power system capacity expansion, markets and demand response including co-authorship of Spot Pricing of Electricity Kluwer, 1988. Before joining Boston University he served as Associate Director of the Scientific Secretariat of the Greek National Energy Council (1976-1979), MIT Energy Laboratory Utility Systems Associate Director (1979-1982) , and during a recent leave as chair of the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy and Investment Group Chair of the Brussels-based Energy Charter (2004-2008).

For more information about Michael Caramanis’ research, please visit his Google Scholar page, the Production/Energy Systems section of CISE Research and go to www.bu.edu/pcms/caramanis.

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