Azer Bestavros

Professor (CS, ECE, SE) Associate Provost for Computing & Data Sciences

  • Title Professor (CS, ECE, SE)
    Associate Provost for Computing & Data Sciences
  • Office 111 Cummington St. Room 140J
  • Phone 617-353-9726
  • Education PhD, Harvard University, 1992

Research Interests

  • Cloud computing
  • Scalable internet protocols and services
  • Network security
  • Real-time, embedded and cyber-physical systems

Courses Taught:

CAS CS-350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems
CAS CS-591 Sensor Networks
CAS CS-591 Large-Scale Networked Information Systems
CAS CS-101 Introduction to Computer Science
CAS CS-450 Introduction to Computer Architecture
CAS CS-550 Advanced Computer Architecture
CAS CS-551 Parallel Computing: Models, Languages, and Architectures
GRS CS-835 Real-Time Systems Seminar

Abbreviated CV:

Azer Bestavros obtained his SM in 1988 and his PhD in 1992, both in Computer Science from Harvard University. He is currently Professor of Computer Science at Boston University. His research interests are in the general areas of networking and real-time systems.

Professor Bestavros’ networking research aims at improving the scalability of Internet services based on measurement, analysis, and careful redesign. These goals have been fleshed out in a series of projects, culminating in his pioneering the content distribution model adopted years later by CDNs such as Akamai and others, his seminal work on Web traffic self-similarity and reference locality characterization, his work on various caching and streaming media delivery protocols, and his work on inference of network caricatures using end-to-end measurement. Professor Bestavros’ real-time systems research revolves around improving service predictability and QoS through judicious resource management. This includes his generalization of the classical rate-monotonic analysis to accommodate probabilistic guarantees in the presence of uncertainties in resource availability/usage, and his advancement of the use of redundancy-injecting codes to improve the timeliness of client access to periodic broadcasts.

Professor Bestavros has an extensive list of publications, including four edited books, many book chapters, and over 90 technical papers. In 2000, WebBib ranked this list as the most referenced body of Web-related research by a single author. As of May 2003, with over 1,570 citations, CiteSeer ranks this body of work in the top 5% of the most cited in all of Computer Science. Among other issued and pending patents, Professor Bestavros is co-inventor of US Patent 6,370,584, which catalyzed a successful networking startup, now part of Network Appliances, Inc. He has delivered over 40 presentations and speeches at universities, research laboratories, and standards committees.

Professor Bestavros received distinguished service awards from both the IEEE and the ACM. He served as chair, officer, or PC member of many conferences including ICNP, Infocom, Sigmetrics, Globecom, Sigmod, RTSS, RTAS, ICDE, LCTES, WCW and others. His research has been funded by grants totaling over $12M from various government agencies and industrial labs.

Please visit Professor Bestavros’ Google Scholar page and personal webpage for more information.

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