Sensor Network Consortium (SNC)

The SNC is an industry forum in collaboration with the Center for Information and Systems Engineering and the Division of Systems Engineering.

Device and sensor networks, the epitome of a pervasive technology, are shaping many activities in our society with an endless array of potential applications, ranging from building automation and homeland security to manufacturing, robotics and healthcare. These networks and the new revolution of their applications stem from the convergence of technologies being taught and researched here at Boston University and other institutions in the region.

The consortium initiative, a collaborative to foster research in sensor networks and facilitate the interaction among academia and industry as well as between industry participants, provides an interesting mix of companies: start-ups, system integrators, users and a variety of small and large corporations whose strategic business opportunities relate to this emerging technology.

In our geography, we believe the SNC is unique in addressing industry and academias needs for such a forum.

Consortium Mission and Goals

Promoting sensor network industry growth through industry-academic collaborations, the Consortium will

  • Create a collaborative forum to drive research, development, commercialization and adoption of sensor network technology
  • Develop strategic partnerships to access federal funding in related technology areas
  • Facilitate interactions among the academic community, industry and other selected participants who support the sensor network industry
  • Collectively enhance the visibility of all consortium participants, focusing attention on the ‘intellectual and commercial capital’ within the Boston area and East coast in the burgeoning space of sensor networks
  • Facilitate the development and transition of well-trained graduates to industry positions