SDM Gets Recycled Garments


When the BU Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (SDM) set out to polish the image of the patient “access”, or front desk coordinators, they looked for professional garments. These garments needed to be comfortable, look professional, and at the same time not require dry cleaning.  Supporting the sustainability committee’s mission, Cintas Corporation came through on all counts; the suiting creates a polished look that can be laundered at home without the expense of dry cleaning and chemicals.

The fabric for this suiting is also made of partially recycled yarns. These yarns are made of discarded recycled plastic bottles that were collected, washed and sorted, then ground into pellets and used as raw material. Cintas Corporation was awarded the 2009 UNIVATOR award, honoring the best innovations in the uniform industry; this award was given to Cintas for the washable, eco-friendly image apparel made with recycled polyester.  SDM launched the program in February of 2012, giving each patient coordinator 2 blazers, 5 shirts, 3 bottoms, and either pants or a skirt.  The pants are made of 55% recycled material and the shirts, 22%.