Measurement & Management

BU Sourcing & Procurement is continuously improving and implementing programs that foster sustainability within the supply chain.  To quantify this effort, Boston University implemented Green Purchasing Measurement & Management (M&M) in order to:

  • set a baseline for future improvements
  • identify cost effective carbon reduction
  • reduce operating costs
  • meet stakeholder demands (students, employees, community, society)
  • meet anticipated regulatory reporting
  • establish a basis for offsetting and ‘zero carbon’ projects …..and a tool for combating climate change
  • establish Boston University as an institution that is actively reducing its environmental impact

Green Purchasing Actions and Guidelines

  • Measurement and management (M&M) of purchased recycled content products, bio-based products, alternative fuel products, alternative fuels, and non-ozone depleting products; metrics and improvement targets for recycling and waste reduction.
  • Regular audits of supplier sustainability efforts; identification of selected opportunities to purchase products and services that are produced and sold by businesses that have management policies and practices concerned with the environment.
  • Increased environmental awareness of faculty, staff and students on purchasing and supply chain management as a key driver toward BU sustainability; continued employee education, supplier partnerships and demonstrated successes.
  • Centralized sustainability reporting consistent with the Green House Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the World Resources Institute (WRI); actions taken and identified, costs and benefits documented.