Warren Towers Recycling Improvements

Warren Graph

Residential recycling rate improvements at Warren Towers (numbers do not include Dining Hall).

The fall 2014 semester saw a significant recycling rate increase at Warren Towers. Why? The installation of dual-stream recycling on every residential floor in the residence hall made the 10% increase possible.

The effort was one of the key initiatives of BU Student Government’s Department of Environmental Affairs. The group’s main goal was to increase recycling access and convenience for students in the large dormitories.

“Simply adding dual-stream recycling to each floor in Warren Towers has greatly increased daily recycling rates in the building and pushing for a similar program for each campus residence will only further increase recycling rates on campus and therefore deflate our waste footprint,” said Student Government’s director of Environmental Affairs, Danielle Elefritz.

StuGov advocated for floor-by-floor recycling as a means to increase students’ understanding of recycling and waste, bring awareness to where their waste goes, encourage enthusiasm, and foster discussion about sustainability and waste disposal.

Implementing the new recycling program at Warren Towers was no easy task. Along with Student Government and sustainability@BU, Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities Management & Planning, and Residence Life all played an an important role.

“I began by setting up meetings with the numerous relevant parties, many of whom were eager to help. Within just a few months, we had the funding and permission to move forward with the project in Warren Towers,”said Elefritz.

Residence Life and Facilities staff have monitored the progress of the Warren recycling program since its roll-out in mid-October. “Once bins got here the RAs held floor meetings to explain recycling to residents and also sent an email,” remarked Corinna Cusson, Assistant Director of Residence Life at Warren Towers. “At the end, of the day having recycling on your floor is something Warren has that is unique on campus that students have been clamoring for for about a decade now.”

Student Government is now working on a new proposal to expand the recycling initiative to other large dormitories on the Charles River Campus

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