Sustainable Summer Storage

UPS Storage

Want to make this year’s move out easier for you and your wallet? The UPS Store provides reusable storage bins as an option for students storing items with them. These bins provide added protection for storage items, are crushproof, dustproof, water-resistant and are easy to move and carry. Best of all, they provide a zero-waste storage option which reduces the number of trees cut down to make single-use cardboard boxes and do not contribute to the tons of waste generated during Move In.

“The reusable tote is our most affordable storage option. It is $28.99 for up to 4 months of storage, which is around $8.50 per cubic foot. Our closest cardboard box in space is $49.99 for up to 4 months, which is around $11 per cubic foot,” said Chris Pedersen, Owner, The UPS Store Student Storage Service

On top of the attractive cost, making these bins easy to get and return has been another major initiative to encourage customer use. Boston University is supporting the use of these reusable storage bins by naming The UPS Store as its only approved storage vendor. “We are thrilled to be working with a vendor who is environmentally conscious,” said Shawn Stone, manager of BU Vending Services.

The UPS Store will set up stations at 6 locations on campus for students to pick up these reusable boxes during move out week and will allow students to return the bins directly to their mail room.

“The reusable bins are easy to carry, stack well to keep your area organized and clutter-free while packing up your room, can be picked up outside dorm locations during move out, and can be easily returned to mailrooms after move in. They also do not need to be taped, which further reduces the supplies needed when packing, as well as the waste associated with using tape to build and secure traditional cardboard boxes,” said Pedersen.

Dates and locations to pick up the totes on campus can be found on The UPS Store storage website. Students interested in signing up for storage can do so online, by calling 617-208-8226, or by emailing

In addition to investing in a reusable storage option, The UPS Store has also made strides to become energy independent. The UPS Student Storage Warehouse is 100% solar powered.

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