sustainability@BU Welcomes New Outreach Coordinator


sustainability@BU is excited to announce the addition of Lisa Tornatore to our team as the Outreach Coordinator. Lisa, an alumnus of the College of Arts and Sciences has already worked at the University for ten years. Lisa first worked as the Senior Program Coordinator in the Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Department.  Next, she became Assistant to the Dean at Sargent College and then became the College’s Facilities and Events manager, a position that allowed her to form a strong relationship with the FM&P staff and helped to implement green building and renovation initiatives. At Sargent she helped to coordinate the construction of the LEED Silver Makechnie Study Center, serving as the liaison between FM&P and Sargent. She also helped in the coordination for the whole building lighting retrofit project in 2011.

“Lisa was our main point of contact at FM&P for renovations of all kinds at the College.  I worked with her specifically on office and lab renovations at the main building at 635 Commonwealth Avenue for faculty new-hires over the last two summers and more recently on the Ryan Center renovations in the Fit Rec building.  She was an invaluable resource as she knew very well the needs of the Faculty and Staff within the college and had significant project experience,” said Jeff Hoseth, Associate Director of Construction Services.

“She was a huge asset as we worked through scope issues and estimating,” added Colleen McGinty, Executive Director of Construction Services, “Once the projects were underway, Lisa was invaluable as the main liaison with the contractors and the users—in essence being the day-to-day eyes and ears of the project.  Her easy going demeanor and complete understanding of the projects and their schedules insured the contractors and users were always on the same page”.

While at Sargent, Lisa also served as the College’s Sustainability Liaison since the program began in 2009 and worked on the Sustainability Behavior Change Task Force that developed the Green Office and Green Department Certification programs. In addition she created a reusable office supply storeroom that allows faculty and staff to pick up and drop off reusable items such as manila folders and hanging files once they were finished using them. She also helped create an intra-building furniture recycling program.

“Lisa’s dedication and long hours of commitment was deeply appreciated by me, my staff and I’m sure the Sargent faculty and staff,” said Custodial Services Area Manager Roger Seale, adding ” I will miss her tremendously at Sargent but  am thrilled and exuberant about her becoming part of the our Facilities team”.

“Lisa was always professional, efficient, and a pleasure to work with.  I am thrilled that she has joined the Sustainability group and know she will be a great asset to the campus in this new challenge,” said Carlos Vazquez, Director of Custodial Services.

In her new role as Outreach Coordinator Lisa will be an integral part of increasing awareness of sustainability on campus by engaging students, faculty, and staff.  She will provide and support training to the campus community through existing programs as well as developing new ones. In addition to contributing to the strategy development, ongoing execution, measurement, and reporting strategy for sustainability@BU, Lisa will serve as the primary contact person for all on-campus sustainability activities.

“In addition to the organizational and interpersonal skills, professionalism and passion for sustainability we were looking for in this position, Lisa brings experience and deep organizational knowledge that has already proven invaluable for outreach and event planning. She has been instrumental in greening events through her collaborations with sustainability@BU intern Sarah Healy, FM&P staff, and other departments on campus. They made great progress at Splash, Move-in, and the Sustainability Festival, and Lisa only started in August,” said Dennis Carlberg, the Sustainability Director.

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