South Campus Wins 2016 Dorm Energy Challenge

Student Goverment 2016 Dorm Energy Challenge

South Campus claimed victory in the fourth annual Dorm Energy Challenge, seizing the title from two-time winner West Campus. The contest, which encourages students in each of BU’s campus areas to share their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint and conserve energy, is held every year during the month of October and is co-hosted by Student Government.

2016 marks the first year the Challenge was conducted using the sustainability@BU App, rather than Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The app allows for an easier and more engaging user experience, as well as automated metrics of participation and record-keeping.

“Twitter isn’t used as much [for competitions], and Facebook is dialing down. I like how the app mimics Twitter and has a social interactive aspect,” said Mario Lopez, a resident of South Campus.

A majority of the points corralled by the South Campus community stemmed from users living in the Earth House, BU’s experimental living-learning community centered around environmentally-friendly practices.

South Campus residents eating ice cream

​”​It was an external and internal competition, which kept it going. I would see other residents getting ahead, and it would make me want to continue participating,​”​ remarked Aine Russell, resident of BU’s Earth House.

​”​Seeing patterns was cool— the time of day and the type of activities people would report. I was at a conference of students involved in sustainability two weekends ago, and other schools were looking at BU and our app as an example. It’s nice to know people see us as a model,​”​ fellow Earth House resident Maura Appleberry added.

South Campus residents were invited to an ice cream social to celebrate their efforts on November 15th.  In the spirit of the competition’s efforts to reduce our collective environmental footprint, the ice cream served was no other than Boston’s FoMu, a coconut milk-based frozen treat.

The sustainability@BU app can be found for free on the App Store and Google Play, and will continue to feature engaging campus-wide competitions for the BU community throughout the year.

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