Questrom Executive Education Achieves Platinum Department Certification

Questrom Executive Education

Questrom’s Executive Education department was awarded Platinum Certification for their efforts in reducing the office’s collective environmental impact.

Green Department Certification is similar to Green Office Certification, but requires individuals to work with their colleagues. The intent is for people to come together to create something bigger and more meaningful. The Green Department Certification survey focuses on actions within the department that require office-wide participation such as lighting policies, computer settings, and sustainable purchasing. Departments working toward certification gain extra credit points by establishing their own unique sustainable programs or practices.

Policies are what get departments to spur behavior change among its employees, and Executive Education is doing just that. Not only are Executive Education staff turning out lights and purchasing energy star appliances, but they are also going above and beyond by using smart power strips to help save even more energy. In addition, the department has worked closely with Catering on the Charles to ensure all of their events are held to the highest sustainability standards, which means the lowest waste generation possible, a significant change as the department hosts numerous events throughout the year. The department also plans to host a seminar to educate staff and faculty on sustainability in organizations.

As one of only two Platinum certified departments at BU, and the only certified department at Questrom, Executive Education has proved they are leaders in pushing sustainability culture forward at BU.

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