Q&A with Dylan Lewellyn

sustainability@BU intern, Dylan Lewellyn, talks sustainability in this Q&A as part of our What You’re Doing series focusing on the sustainable actions of faculty, staff, and students at BU.

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What does sustainability mean to you?

To me, sustainability means living in a way that conserves our present resources in order to meet our future needs. One quote that has always stood out to me that really embodies this idea is, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.

When did you first become interested in sustainability?
I first became interested in sustainability after my experiences with Boston University’s FYSOP (First-Year Student Outreach Project) program that runs through the Community Service Center. Having the opportunity to delve into the issues surrounding the environment and build community through service helped show me the importance of the challenges we face and inspired me try to make a difference in my life.

What is one thing you do on a daily basis to help make the campus more sustainable?
One thing I try to do on a daily basis to make the campus a more sustainable place is question my consumption. We all produce waste through our daily use of materials- it is my hope that the voice in the back of my head asking whether I need to buy a plastic water bottle and similar disposable goods will guide my daily decisions about what and what not to use.

What do you perceive as the biggest barrier for BU students, faculty, and staff to adopting more sustainable behaviors?

I believe the biggest barrier inhibiting the BU population from adopting more sustainable practices is the lack of awareness. Humans are having a more immediate effect on the climate than many scientists originally thought we ever even could. I feel that many people are not aware of the urgency of the challenges we face and the impacts that they will soon start to feel in their daily lives.

How would you challenge BU community members to live less wastefully?
I would challenge members of the community to live less wastefully by taking the time to do the little things: turning off the lights, putting recyclables in the recycling instead of the trash, and simply being conscious of what you use.

What would you recommend to someone on campus who is interested in sustainability but doesn’t know how to get their ideas off the ground?
Join a club. BU has so many great opportunities through our student groups on campus. Additionally, on a slightly larger scale, the City of Boston has started the Greenovate Boston initiative to engage the community and provide a forum for ideas about how to prepare our city for climate change.

What are your hopes for campus sustainability in the future at BU and how do you plan to help the community achieve these goals?
My hope for sustainability on campus is that it becomes more ingrained into the culture here at BU. Currently the University is doing a great job of leading the charge in the movement towards a more sustainable future but there is still more to be done. I want to help our community achieve this goal by taking every opportunity to do what I can to help the environment. Furthermore I want people to see that it’s not about saving the Earth, it’s about being accountable for our actions and planning for a better future.

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