Printer Standards Initiative

In 2015 a cross-functional team of representatives from various schools and departments, including sustainability@BU, Information Services & Technology, and Sourcing & Procurement, conducted an internal evaluation and formal proposal process to establish University-wide printer standards in efforts to streamline the management and support of the University’s printer fleet and to reduce overall costs associated with equipment and consumables spend. BU’s current print environment includes approximately 1,500 printers identified on the network; approximately 78% of these devices are Hewlett-Packard (HP) although the existing fleet has 18 different manufacturers spread over 100 different models.

Network printer standards across the University are expected save both money and time spent on maintenance by significantly streamlining the fleet.

In December 2015 Hewlett Packard (HP) was selected by offering the best quality, service and pricing to the University. All standard HP devices are now available via the Terrier Marketplace on the GovConnection (HP-reseller) catalog.

BU has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with GovConnection which proved to be the vendor most able to deliver the highest quality and most sustainable print devices to BU at the lowest possible cost.

As a part of the bid process significant savings were also negotiated for ink/toner for all existing and new machines purchased through this program. Toner can be purchased from WB Mason in the Terrier Marketplace.

sustainability@BU outreach coordinator, Lisa Tornatore, spoke of the group effort. “It was a real pleasure to be a part of the collaboration of BU employees from a number of departments. The network printer standards are really a win-win-win for all of us. The initiative will not only save the University money on up front purchasing costs, but with the EPEAT and ENERGY STAR rated machines we will see long term savings saving on energy usage. Third-party certifications such as these are critical to validating the efforts we are making.”

According to the EPEAT website, “EPEAT is a comprehensive global environmental rating system that helps purchasers identify greener computers and other electronics.”

IS&T supported departments are encouraged to consult with IS&T Desktop Services when selecting a printer. To engage IS&T Desktop Services, please email Non-IS&T supported groups are encouraged to consult with your local IT support. For contact information, please use this directory of Other (Non-IS&T) Technical Support Resources.

Please visit the Printer Standards page on the Sourcing & Procurement website for more information and to view the available printer models. For questions about this program please call 617-353-2370 or email

Black & White Models

Small Monochrome (Low Usage) Large Monochrome (Medium to High Usage) Large Monochrome (Medium to High Usage/11×17)
Model HP Laserjet P3015dn HP Laserjet M605dn HP Laserjet M712dn
EPEAT Silver Silver Silver
Speed 42 ppm 58 ppm 40 ppm
Duty Cycle
100,000 225,000 100,000
Recommended Monthly Cycle 1,500-5,000 pages 5,000-16,000 5,000-20,000
 HP Laserjet P3015dn HP Laserjet M605dn HP Laserjet M712dn

Color Models

Small Color (Low Usage) Large Color (Medium to High Usage) Marge Color (Medium to High Usage/11×17)
Model HP Laserjet M553dn HP Laserjet M651dn HP Laserjet M750dn
EPEAT Rating Silver Silver Silver
Speed 38 ppm 45 ppm 30 ppm
Duty Cycle 100,000 120,000 120,000
Recommended Monthly Volume 1,500-5,000 pages 2,000-17,000 pages 2,500-13,000 pages
HP Laserjet M553dn HP Laserjet M651dn HP Laserjet M750dn

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