February Challenge


Join the Challenge and “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” to cut CO2 and win RecycleMania, a national competition to increase recycling.

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Join the Challenge

As Individuals
Last year the typical BU student used an average of 120 plastic bags. If you bring along a reusable shopping bag you could save 6 lbs of CO2 this month and win a boatload of reusable shopping bags (with the snappy carry pouch) for your school or college

As a Campus
Last year we used 3 million plastic bags. If 25 % of us Join the Challenge this month, we could save 37,515 lbs of CO2

As a World
Worldwide we used approximately 750 billion plastic bags last year. If 25% of the population Joins the Challenge, we could save 10.3 billion lbs of CO2.

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