New Bike Cage at BUMC

710 Bike Cage 4

Good news for BMC/BUMC bikers! Due to high demand, there has been an increase in the overall number of available spaces for bikes to be stored at BMC/BUMC thanks to the efforts of Director of Public Safety, Control Center, and Parking Services, Connie Packard, TranSComm, and Facilities Management. There is a new bike cage (open since July) at the rear of 710 Albany Street and in November, eight more bike racks were added behind SPH near East Concord Street. The new racks are in better locations, and the new cage is more secure than the old Menino bike cage which had to be removed due to construction.

The new bike cage stores up to 240 bikes bringing the combined total of bike parking to 496 spaces. Employees and students can register for cage access for just $20 per year. A map of these locations, along with existing bike storage locations, is available on the TranSComm website as well as information on how to apply for bike cage access.

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