MyPrint Enhancements

MyPrint station at Mugar Library

Over intersession, IS&T made enhancements to BU’s MyPrint service. MyPrint is now easier to use, has more options, and best of all…it is more sustainable! The University’s aging printer fleet has been replaced with EPEAT Gold certified devices. An EPEAT rating is given only to electronic products which achieve stringent environmental and sustainability standards for the entire lifecycle of the product, from design to disposal. Other changes including adding self-release functionality and the elimination of cover sheets are expected to save 1.3 million sheets of paper annually.

MyPrint printers now have self-release functionality. Send your print job, go to your printer of choice, and swipe your Terrier Card. Your document will print immediately.

  • Self-release means cover sheets have been eliminated.
  • Self-release also means less wasted print. A print job will no longer be accidentally printed at a location, never to be picked up.
  • Self-release means the MyPrint service now offers greater availability. If you have access to a building where a MyPrint printer lives, you can print anytime the building is open.

Less hassle; more options.

  • Instead of a print queue on your computer for every printer, there are only three: color, black & white, and stapled (available only at Mugar). Choose the queue for the type of job you need.
  • Alternately, you may use the new web upload feature and forgo adding any print queues to your computer at all. This is also a great option for if you are on a computer that is not your own; it works on any device.
  • IS&T did an analysis and added some additional MyPrint printer locations. There will still be a primary hub at Mugar Library, and all of your favorite locations will still have a MyPrint printer.
  • Color printing is now available at several locations. Color printing will not be part of your quota and you will be charged Convenience Points for printing in color.

Visit the MyPrint page for more information about the enhancements and to learn how to get started.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Help Center by sending an email to or calling 617-353-HELP (4357).


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