Freshman Publishes Book on Global Warming

Abhishek Seth (COM’12) spreads awareness of global warming with his new book, Save My World.

By Davide Nardi (CAS’11)

Abhishek Seth has traveled to India, Germany, Canada, and across the United States with his family, taking photos along the way.

He could simply have posted the pictures on his Facebook page, and left it at that. Instead, during his senior year of high school, in East Brunswick, N.J., Seth (COM’12) decided to combine his love of photography with his newfound passion for the environment. In December, he published a book of his photos, called Save My World (Urna Editions), in an effort to spread awareness about global warming and raise money for environmental charities.

Each photograph in the book is accompanied by environmental tips. For example, the caption for a picture of Seth’s cousin Nidhi on her wedding day includes suggestions on how to make a wedding more environmentally friendly.

“Whenever you have a milestone in your life, like a marriage, you should also show your environmental awareness through that event,” says Seth, who is president of Save My World, Incorporated, a nonprofit he started in March.

Now Seth has brought his book and its message to BU. He is urging BU clubs to help him sell and promote the book; in return for spreading the environmental message, he will give all the profits to the clubs.

“I have worked with several organizations already,” Seth says. “One was the Indian Cultural Society of East Brunswick, a local Asian-Indian society in my hometown. There I sold 32 books and helped ICS raise $400. I also helped raise $900 for the New Jersey Environmental Lobby, which I found out just recently is using that money to call Congress and ask them to switch to alternative fuels and energy.”

Seth says that no trees were killed to produce his book. Save My World was printed on chlorine-free paper,” and “the pulp used was derived from environmentally certified forests,” according to his organization’s Web site.

Students or clubs interested in helping to sell or promote Seth’s book may contact him at or at 732-841-3313. For more information, visit his Web site.

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This article first appeared in BU Today on September 4, 2008.

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