Dining’s Sustainability Coordinator Shares Culinary Creativity


Pashtan conducting a cooking class at the GSU.

Ever wonder why strawberries taste so much better in the summer, or why it’s hard to find good corn in the spring?  The growing season of produce can make a bigger difference than just affecting its availability to consumers.  Using seasonal ingredients will not only make a difference for environment, but for your taste buds as well!

Sabrina Pashtan, BU Dining’s sustainability coordinator, started a blog to show people how to cook creatively while getting the most out of the ingredients that are in season. Pashtan trained as a chef in the Basque Country, Spain where she learned more about the seasonality of food.

“The blog grew out of my passion for cooking. It’s a way for me to bridge cooking with my work at BU by providing sustainable and seasonal recipes for the BU community. I try to offer recipes in line with what is being offered in the Ward’s Berry Farm CSA box each week”.

The CSA boxes allow students, faculty, and staff to purchase local fruits and vegetables straight from the farm, with a convenient pickup on campus.


Wheat Berry Tabbouleh, an autumn recipe from Sabor-ina.

The blog—called Sabor-ina, a play on Pashtan’s first name and the Spanish word sabor, meaning flavor—features recipes for all skill levels, with step-by step instructions and photos to illustrate the process.

The goal of her blog, Pashtan says, is to inspire others.

“Cooking and serving food to friends and family is a labor of love. Good food is nourishing and satisfying. Sabor-ina is the written manifestation of my passion for food. I hope that these recipes inspire you to create your own meals at home, to feed, please and share”.

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