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The School of Education’s Pickering Library recently opened the Sustainability Resources Center, a collaboration between the library and sedGreen.

The Center, which also serves as a Green Meeting space, features a conference table, curricula, books, films, dvds with a player and monitor, Kill-o-Watt meters, and other materials that will help the University become more earth systems literate and effective when teaching how to build a healthier, sustainable planet.

Sustianability Resource Center Group Photo

It all began when Mark Correia, assistant director, Instructional Materials Center, for the School of Education, suggested that all of the “Green” resources be moved to the Pickering Library so everyone would have access. sedGreen saw this as an opportunity to create a home not only for its own efforts but for that of other sustainable groups and individuals in the University.

“Everything else grew from there,” says Correia.

sustainability Resource Center flowers

Emily Nowak, SED sophomore and new sedGreen co-chair

Linda Plunket, PERL Director, said that partnering with sedGreen would be really positive for everyone in the University community.

The Sustainability Resources Center was made possible through a generous donation from Boston University SED alumna Elisabeth Carter.

To learn, visit the sedGreen website.

Dennis Carlberg, Sustainability Director, Boston University

Dennis Carlberg, Sustainability Director, Boston University