Move In / Move Out

orientation posterWelcome to Boston University! We urge all students and families to keep their environmental footprint in mind when students move into their new homes here on campus. Below you will find a list of what to bring and what not to bring to campus. Students that move in on Saturday and Sunday will be greeted by the Scarlet Squad, a group of seasoned Terriers who can show you were to find what you are looking for from your key and recycle bag to where to recycle your cardboard.

Keep in mind that our urban campus means that you’ll be able to purchase nearly anything that you forgot to bring–from extra bicycle tires to room decorations. In addition, the City of Boston has tasty drinking water, so leave your cases of bottled water behind. Bring only what you need. Many things can be shared with your roommate. Connect with your roommate before school so you don’t wind up with two printers and mini-fridges; you’ll save energy, cash and space.

Visit Move Out to learn about the partnership between sustainability@BU and Goodwill, which captured 79 tons of used clothing and household goods last year.


When you move in you will be provided with:

  • bedframe and mattress
  • dresser
  • desk and chair
  • closet or wardrobe
  • shades, curtains, or mini blinds

What you should bring:

  • bed sheets (extra long twin; mattresses are 80 inches in length)
  • mattress cover/pad
  • pillow, pillowcases
  • blanket and/or comforter
  • separated waste and recycling bins
  • bath towels, wash cloths, hand towels
  • desk lamp and LED bulb
  • alarm clock
  • flashlight
  • hangers
  • small bucket, basket to carry toiletries to and from the bathroom
  • milk crates or other stackable storage items
  • cup, plate, bowl, fork, knife, spoon for those in-room snacks
  • decorations – posters to personalize your room
  • laundry bag or basket
  • laundry detergent, fabric softener

You may also want to bring:

  • power strip (UL-rated maximum of 15 amps and 1875 watts, with built-in circuit breaker. Consider a smart power strip to reduce energy consumption.)
  • Ethernet cable
  • hairdryer
  • iron, small portable ironing board
  • small fan (no larger than 12 inches in diameter)
  • personal computer (Look for EPEAT GOLD or ENERGY STAR rated computers)
  • reusable water bottle and water filtration pitcher

Items you should NOT bring:

  • candles, incense
  • wireless hub
  • extension cords
  • microwave oven
  • torchère-style halogen lamp
  • air conditioner
  • cinder-blocks
  • heating or food preparation appliances (other than a hot-air popcorn popper)
  • electric blanket
  • sun lamp
  • hibachi or barbecue grill
  • bottled water (Boston’s tap water quality is excellent – Tap Water Taste Test results. Instead, opt for a refillable pitcher.)