The mission of sustainability@BU is to lead the University in a more sustainable direction and integrate sustainability into the culture and structure of Boston University. Through this effort, the University will reduce its use of natural resources, operating costs, and improve environmental and social impacts.

Through faculty contributions across all disciplines such as: public policy, science, business, law, the humanities, and some of the nation’s preeminent environmental programs, Boston University prepares this generation to lead our society toward a more sustainable future.

Boston University’s Strategic Plan for Campus Sustainability is currently integrated into the University’s Strategic Plan in many areas. The point of departure for Boston University’s journey into the future is the set of ten “commitments” that were embraced through the University’s 2005–2007 strategic planning process. These commitments grow directly out of our traditions and our values. They reflect our strengths and our weaknesses. And—in general and aspirational ways—they point to tomorrow’s opportunities. Three of the ten commitments address sustainability. Here are some excerpts:

6. A commitment to strengthening and expanding the University’s connections to Boston and the world.

… Just as we strive to give our students the context and experiences to function in our truly global society as responsible citizens, the University will continue to work to be institutionally responsible as a steward of our environment by putting in place programs of infrastructure renovation and usage that will conserve energy and minimize our emission of greenhouse gases. Much of this effort will be transparent as we renew our buildings.

8. A commitment to aligning our policies, processes, services, operations, and the development of our campus with our values.

Boston University is an incredibly complex institution. But complexity can’t be allowed to push our values to the background. We are, first and foremost, a service organization, and we have to act accordingly. We must deliver transparent and student-oriented processes across all of our campuses, schools, and colleges. We must control costs to protect the range and quality of our services, and at the same time ensure access to BU.

Even as our campus grows upward and outward, we will decrease our environmental “footprint.” We intend to focus on conserving energy and decreasing greenhouse-gas emissions in all of our operations.