Originally built as the Hotel Sheraton in 1923 and converted into a dormitory in 1954, Boston University’s Kilachand Hall recently received LEED© Gold certification through the U.S. Green Building Council 

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a globally recognized symbol of excellence in green building design and construction. The newly renovated, 9,654 square foot 9th floor, is Boston University’s 26th LEED Certified space. The 9th-floor renovation offers opportunities for students to engage in learning and collaboration to prepare for successful futures.  

“We have been amazed by the outcome of the 9th-floor renovations of Kilachand Hall, and that it was done in a way that reflects Boston University’s commitment to sustainability and meets LEED Certification requirements, makes us even more proud of the space,” said Melissa Holt, Director of Kilachand Honors College. “We can now welcome students, their families, faculty, and staff into a beautiful space overlooking the Charles River, and with confidence, know its creation had a minimal impact on the environment.”   

 As part of the renovation, the design team implemented: 

  • An on-site solar array producing 9,146 kWh of electricity per year, matching about 9% of the renovated space’s electricity. 
  • Low-flow lavatories and faucets, and water-efficient toilets and urinals resulted in a 37% reduction in water use over a standard building. 
  • Reduced embodied carbon strategies by preserving the majority of the original building structure, walls, and exterior. 
  • Energy efficient design elements that allow the building to be 31% more efficient than a space that simply meets the energy code. 

“The Kilachand Hall renovation promotes sustainable design, renewable energy, and the preservation of an historic building,” said Lisa Tornatore, director of BU Sustainability. “Transforming one of our University’s oldest spaces into one of our most sustainable ones is a remarkable achievement we take great pride in. Moreso, we’ve been able to reduce embodied carbon while reimagining an existing space for Kilachand students to study, gather, and learn. We are glad to support Kilachand Hall students, faculty, and residents with this vibrant and remarkable space – including a seminar room, multiple study rooms, and lounge – while knowing that it was designed with so many sustainability tenets in mind.” 

 To learn more about this renovation, you can view the Atrius Storyboard, which can also be found in the Kilachand Hall elevator lobby. You can learn more about BU’s LEED project portfolio here.