Following its construction, the recently renovated Sargent College lobby and classrooms have received LEED© Gold certification through the U.S. Green Building Council.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a globally recognized symbol of excellence in green building design and construction. This newly renovated space is Boston University’s 25th LEED-certified space, adding over 7,000 square feet to BU’s LEED portfolio. It is also the second LEED-certified space at Sargent College; the Makechnie Study Center being the first-ever on the Charles River Campus.

This project exemplifies BU’s long-standing commitment to sustainable building and renovation projects. Lisa Tornatore, BU’s Sustainability Director and former administrator at Sargent College, commented, “My ten years at Sargent were incredibly important to me, both personally and professionally. To walk through those entry doors and see it transformed into a beautiful, sustainable space is very meaningful. Adding more functional, flexible classrooms is a huge improvement for the faculty and students, and relocating the Academic Services Center offers a welcoming presence for guests and perspectives. I’m thrilled that the community at Sargent continues to show commitment to environmental responsibility.”

Of note, the renovation includes:

  1. Indoor Water Use Reduction: Upgraded first-floor plumbing fixtures help save approximately 67,000 gallons of water per year.
  2. Energy Performance: All project HVAC, electrical, and plumbing work was subject to a third-party commissioning process to ensure that each met or exceeded performance expectations.
  3. Material Selection: A holistic material selection approach ensures that selected finishes, such as paint and carpet, are low-emitting (low VOCs) and support marketplace transparency on their environmental and health impacts.
  4. Indoor Air Quality: The ventilation system was upgraded to meet LEED ventilation standards, and CO2 sensors and walk-off mat systems were installed to maintain a high-quality environment for students and employees.
  5. Updated Restrooms: The restrooms include new finishes, fixtures, and dimensional clearances to better serve occupants using mobility devices.

Jack Dennerlein, Dean of Sargent College, added, “We’re very proud of the lobby project. LEED Certification helps us ensure the whole life cycle of the space has minimal impact on both the environment and the populations embedded in the many ecological systems supported by the environment. In 2007, renovations to the Makechnie Study Center led the way for LEED Certification at Sargent and Boston University’s Charles River Campus. Today, we continue that ongoing commitment to sustainability by investing in approaches that minimize the impact of renovation projects on the environment. These sustainable building strategies enhance our communities at BU and beyond.”

To learn more about Boston University’s LEED portfolio, go here.