Sustainable Move In Tips

Sustainability is all about making a positive impact on people and the world. Everything you do has an impact—on our university footprint and on the people, you’ll encounter in your journey here. Keeping that in mind will help guide your actions AND your experiences as you progress in your journey as a BU Terrier.  

We recognize that the move-in period is an exciting time, and we are here to support you be a more sustainable Terrier. Below is a list of ways you can have a smooth and environmentally-friendly Move In. 

  • Massachusetts’s tap water is among the best in the country. Instead of buying cases of water, opt for a refillable pitcher as a more practical purchase. And, check out all the bottle filling stations near you! 
  • It’s more efficient to shop for dorm supplies once you’re on campus. Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Goodwill, and more are all within easy reach. You will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and save money on shipping. 
  • Walk, take the T, or use a bike to get around campus.  
  • Choose environmentally friendly cleaning products and detergents. Here is a list of some options for you. 
  • Contribute to BU’s Zero Waste goal and recycling cardboard boxes.

Cardboard is a valuable item if recycled properly and separated from packing materials. In fact, it is mandatory here in Massachusetts. Throughout Move In, you will find multiple cardboard recycling corrals around the Charles River Campus. Corrals are generally located outside of large dorms and along Bay State Road and South Campus. These corrals not only provide space for our community to recycle and flatten cardboard boxes but also represent a long-standing recycling program hosted by the University.  Look for green cardboard recycling signs to direct you to the corrals. Here is a map for more information. 

 As Facilities Management & Operations works hard to ensure that the campus is clean, your participation in moving boxes to the corrals is a meaningful way to contribute to BU’s Zero Waste Plan. The corrals will be available through Tuesday, September 6. 

We look forward to interacting with you at the upcoming Sustainability Festivals; Talbot Green (Medical Campus) September 14, and Marsh Plaza September 22.