Resident Sustainability Leaders present at Northeast Sustainability Student Leaders Symposium

On March 27, 2022 Resident Sustainability Leaders – Annette Valdouin, Monica Courtney, and Nikhita Santebennur presented at the Northeast Sustainability Student Leaders Symposium at UMass Lowell.

What are RSLs or Resident Sustainability Leaders?

The Resident Sustainability Leaders are an integral part of our team and assist with getting the word out about university-wide sustainability initiatives. The RSLs are responsible for supporting students living on-campus with educational campaigns in regard to sustainability. Additionally. they collaborate with Residence Life and host sustainability-themed events specifically catered toward the on-campus community.  

Besides educational and interactive on-campus programming our RSLs are involved in promoting their diligent work at conferences. Their most recent presentation was about successful collaboration with Residence Life and Resident Assistants in the context of multiple clothing swap events. 

What is the Clothing Swap?

The RSLs coordinated the event at Warren Towers and West Campus. For 2 weeks they collected unwanted clothes from residents and organized a pick-up day. On pick-up day residents were allowed to stop by and choose any articles of clothing, they would like to collect. Between both Warren Towers and West Campus, 400 articles of clothing were collected and approximately 200 people participated in the swap. At the end of a successful pick-up, the left-over articles were donated to the Queer Activist Collective. They intend to continue such programming and promote the participation of Resident Assistants. All in all incorporating other changes into the program for its continued success. 

A huge shout out to their hard work and dedication to promoting a sustainable lifestyle for the residents living on-campus. 

For more information about the details of the presentation click here.