Meet BUMC Engagement Intern Candace Smith (MED’ 24)

Meet Candace Smith (MED ’24), our BU Medical Campus (BUMC) intern. Candace (she/her) joined our team in the fall of 2021, and throughout the semester she has assisted with the advancement and awareness of BU’s Zero Waste Plan on the Medical Campus.

Engaging at BUMC

At BUMC, you can find Candace tabling in the Medical School Lobby and hosting conversations about sustainability resources. 

Candace was motivated to join BU Sustainability by learning about the intersection of climate change and human health. She says, “As a medical student, we’re focused on keeping people healthy. When I learned about the health impacts of climate change and how it will affect my future patients, it motivated me to learn more about how we can reduce our impact, raise awareness, and bring sustainability initiatives to BUMC.”

She’s also a baker

Candace also loves baking bread. #baker

“I’m one of those people that got into baking bread at the start of the pandemic – but I never stopped! I haven’t bought a loaf of bread in almost a year and a half and love talking about sourdough bread any chance I get.”

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