Politics, Public Policy & Law Track

Politics, Public Policy & Law Track

The late Tip O'Neill, Boston congressman and speaker of the US House of Representatives, was fond of saying that all politics is local—and there is no more interesting mix of local, state, and national politics than in Boston. As the urban hub of the metropolitan region and as the state capital of Massachusetts, Boston plays a major role in local and state politics. It is also the center of federal government for New England, home to numerous federal agencies, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, and the First District of the Federal Reserve.

Through courses in areas such as international economics, public policy, political analysis and activism, international relations, and diplomacy, you'll prepare for internships at government agencies, think tanks, lobbying organizations, and PR firms, among others.

Summer 1: The Academic Phase

You'll spend your first six weeks of the Summer Study Internship Program taking two 4-credit courses chosen from offerings in politics and public policy.

Courses listed below were offered last summer and can be used as an example of the types of courses offered for this track. The 2018 Summer Study Internship Program course options will be posted on January 15, 2018.

  • CAS PH 160 Reasoning and Argumentation
  • CAS PO 111 Introduction to American Politics
  • CAS PO 141 Introduction to Public Policy
  • CAS PO 378 International Human Rights
  • CAS SO 244 Urban Sociology
  • COM CM 311 Professional Presentation
  • MET CJ 344 Drugs and Society
  • QST LA 245 Introduction to Law
  • QST LA 360 Real Estate Law
  • SED SE 512 Special Education: Students with Disabilities and the Law

Summer 2: The Internship Phase

For the second six weeks of the program, you'll be placed as an intern in a Boston-area organization or business that matches your interests and experience. You should expect to work five days a week for a minimum of 35 hours. Most internships are unpaid.

Politics, Public Policy & Law Internship Opportunities

Internship placement sites in past years have included state, local, and federal government agencies, legal centers and law organizations, international agencies and organizations, think tanks, lobbying organizations and political action groups, and political parties.

Internship Placement

  • Internship placement for 35 hours a week
  • Internship matches are based on your interests, abilities, and experience
  • All internship sites are accessible by public transportation
  • Visit our Placement Process page for additional information

Summer Study Internship Course

The Summer Study Internship Program's 2-credit Internship Course meets on Friday mornings throughout Summer 1 and two evenings in Summer 2. The course explores links between your academic tracks and your on-site professional experience, and provides support and guidance as you prepare for your placement.