International students estimated expenses

Estimated Expenses for Summer 2019

Summer Study for International Students Requesting a Boston University I-20

The expense estimates below are for visiting international students studying at Boston University during Summer Term 2019. The six-week estimate covers one summer session, while the 12-week estimate covers both summer sessions.

Please note that all estimated expenses are subject to change.

Summer 2019 6 weeks 12 weeks
(8 credits) (minimum 12 credits)
Tuition $5,600 $8,400
Student Services Fee $60 $120
Health Insurance $278 $525
Room and Board $2,750 $5,500
Books and Supplies $400 $600
Incidentals $700 $1,100
Minimum Amount on Financial Documentation $9,788 $16,245

The Minimum Amount on Financial Documentation is the amount that students must demonstrate they have in financial support in order to be issued a Boston University I-20 document for summer study. Actual expenses incurred may vary for the following reasons:

  • Tuition: The above tuition estimate is for undergraduate courses. Tuition for graduate courses is higher and may vary by Boston University School or College. Students enrolling in a graduate course can find the actual tuition listed with the course description on the Summer Term website. Students who are taking 16 credits over 12 weeks will incur a higher tuition expense than what is listed above for 12 credits.
  • University Fees: Some courses also carry lab or additional fees, which can be found in the course descriptions on the Summer Term website.
  • Room and Board: The rates listed above are for a multiple-occupancy bedroom in a non-air-conditioned apartment, with a dining plan of 10 meals per week. Alternative room and board arrangements will result in different charges.
  • Books, Supplies, and Incidentals: Actual expenses may vary depending on courses taken and lifestyle. The estimates above do not include airfare.

Estimate for Dependents

A dependent is defined as the student's spouse or child (under the age of 21). Students bringing dependents should contact the Summer Term office for estimated costs associated with dependents.

Financial Information

If you need an I-20 document from Boston University, the University is required by U.S. government regulations to check that you have adequate funding available for your tuition, fees, and living expenses for the duration of your studies at Boston University. All financial documents submitted for evaluation will become the property of Boston University and will not be returned to you. It is recommended that you request multiple copies of the documentation you submit to Boston University to retain a copy for your own records. Please refer to the table above for the breakdown of fees and for the minimum funds required per summer session.

All declarations of financial support must:

  1. Reflect the minimum amount of support in U.S. dollars (refer to the table above).
  2. Specify funding for study at Boston University (not another college or university).
  3. Include a date and be no more than one year old from the intended date of enrollment.
  4. Indicate the period of time for which the support will be provided.
  5. Be written in English.
  6. Reflect funds that are readily available for tuition payments (i.e., checking or savings accounts). Certain investment accounts such as stocks, salary documents, property holdings, etc. do not reflect available funds and will not be accepted.

If you will be funded by a family member, please submit:

  1. The Financial Sponsorship Certification, which indicates 1) that your sponsor is willing and able to support you financially for your academic fees and living expenses throughout the duration of your studies at Boston University, and 2) the name of your sponsor and your relationship to your sponsor.
  2. Your sponsor's official bank statement, letter, or credit reference stating the availability of the minimum estimated expenses as indicated in the table above.

If you will be funded by your government, university, organization, company, etc., the sponsor must submit a letter of sponsorship on official letterhead that includes:

  1. Your name and that the funding is valid specifically for Boston University.
  2. Exactly which expenses will be covered (e.g., academic fees, living expenses, health insurance, financial support for family members, travel).
  3. The period of time for which the support will be provided.

If you will be funded by a bank loan, you must submit:

  1. An official letter or certification from the lending institution indicating the specific amount that has been guaranteed to you.

If you will be funded in a manner not listed above (for example, if you will fund yourself), you must submit:

  1. Official documentation (a bank statement, letter, or credit reference) stating the availability of the minimum estimated expenses as indicated in the table above.

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