Summer Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What year do I need to be entering in fall 2017 to participate in the Summer Preview program?
    You need to be entering your freshman or sophomore year in fall 2017.
  • Is Summer Preview a commuter or residential program?
    Summer Preview is open to both commuter and residential students. Students must be 14 years or older to live on campus.
  • Can I earn college credit by participating in Summer Preview?
    No, the Summer Preview program is non-credit. At the end of the summer, students will receive a certificate of completion and evaluation from their instructor.
  • What is the cost of Summer Preview?
    Please see the Tuition & Fees page for a detailed description of the cost of attending the Summer Preview program.
  • How do I apply for the Summer Preview program?
    You can find application instructions on the How to Apply page.
  • What are the admissions criteria?
    Admission decisions are based on a combination of middle/high school grades and a 500-750 word personal statement. See How to Apply.
  • Is there any financial aid?
    There is no financial aid for the Summer Preview program.
  • How long should it take for me to receive a decision on my application?
    We will email a response to you within three weeks of receipt of your completed application.
  • What seminars are offered as part of the Summer Preview program?
    You can find descriptions for our seminars on our Seminars page.
  • What is the schedule of activities for Summer Preview?
    You can see a sample schedule of activities on the Schedule of Social Events page.
  • Is there a curfew for residential students?
    Yes. The curfew is 11 pm.
  • Are residential students free to leave campus?
    All planned activities are mandatory. However, during free time residential students can leave campus as long as they are accompanied by their Program Assistant.
  • Is there any fee for visiting the Student Health Services Center?
    Yes, there is a $25 co-pay fee each time a student visits the Student Health Services Center.