Estimated Expenses for International High School Honors Students

Please check back on December 15 for more details about our Summer 2019 programs.

In 2018, the minimum amount of financial documentation was $9,368. Summer 2019 estimated expenses for visiting international High School Honors students will be posted on December 15.

The Minimum Amount of Financial Documentation total is the amount that students must demonstrate they have in financial support in order to be issued a Boston University I-20 document for summer study. Actual expenses incurred may vary for the following reasons:

  • University Fees: Some courses also carry lab or additional fees, which can be found in the course descriptions on the Summer Term website.
  • Room and Board: The rates listed above are for a double-occupancy dormitory room with a 14-meal per week plan. Choosing a 19-meal per week plan will result in different charges.
  • Books, Supplies, and Incidentals: Actual expenses may vary depending on courses taken and lifestyle. The estimates above do not include airfare.