International High School Honors: Estimated Expenses

These estimates are for visiting international High School Honors students during Summer Term 2024. The six-week estimate covers the length of the High School Honors program.

Please note that all estimated expenses are subject to change.

Summer 2024

6 weeks (8 credits)

Tuition $6,360
Student Services Fee $470
Health Insurance $377
Room and Board $3,120
Books and Supplies $200
Incidentals $360
Minimum Amount of Financial Documentation $10,887

The Minimum Amount of Financial Documentation is the amount that students must demonstrate they have in financial support in order to be issued a Boston University I-20 document for summer study. Actual expenses incurred may vary for the following reasons:

  • University fees: Some courses also carry lab or additional fees, which can be found in the course descriptions on the Summer Term website.
  • Room and board: The rates listed above are for a double-occupancy dormitory room with a 14-meal-per-week plan. Choosing a 19-meal-per-week plan will result in different charges.
  • Books, supplies, and incidentals: Actual expenses may vary depending on courses taken and lifestyle. The estimates above do not include airfare.

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